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   Gentleman's Grooming Lounge is an upscale Barbershop that performs traditional barber techniques. The GGL has a unique atmosphere and provides service like no other in Cedar City. When you enter the shave parlor, we hope you feel as comfortable as we do.
Enjoy the comfort of leather seating before your Hot-lather Straight Razor Head Shave, Goatee or Beard Grooming, Traditional Haircut, Fade Haircut, Flow Hawk Haircut, little Gent haircut, or another hair style of your choosing.
   Our Hair cutting area is a gem in its self. Antique stations and real old school barber chairs that provide the true barbering experience.  Once seated, (if you choose the Traditional haircut service), you will lie back and enjoy a relaxing hot towel treatment with a light lavender sent, followed by a great haircut with a dusting of that great clubman talc, while engaging in the social atmosphere. (No facing the mirror here Gents). Of course, there is the feel of that hot lather on your neck, while that straight razor cleans you up for a true barber finish, with a splash of aftershave.
   There is more here at the Gentleman’s Grooming Lounge for you fine Gents. Off to the wash station, where you will recline, rest your head on a soft pad (no uncomfortable neck pain here) and enjoy a soothing wash and scalp massage. Once you return to the chair, your barber will style that amazing fade or taper haircut.
   It doesn't stop there, Gents. Your barber pulls out the old school massager and runs it over your neck and shoulders for an even more relaxing experience.
   The Cedar City Shave Parlor offers Beard and Goatee grooming and also that timeless STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVE. Gents, this is a must if you have never experienced one. Lie back, relax, and enjoy the feel of the warm smooth soap and the feel of steel cleaning your face super smooth.
   The Gentleman's Grooming Lounge is for Gents of all ages. An affordable luxury that you fine Gentleman deserve, and we enjoy providing to you.

We accept Credit Cards

with a $2.75 surcharge

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